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Digital Models in China

Anders Houltz presented Digital Models at the ACHS Association of Critical Heritage Studies conference, ”Heritage Across Borders”, in Hangzhou, China, September 1–6, 2018. The conference was hosted by Zhejiang University, and gathered some 500 heritage researchers from all over the world. Anders’ paper, “Digitizing the Mechanical Alphabet: Technological Collections from Teaching Aid to Monument – to Teaching Aid?”, was part of a session on “Museum Objects and Knowledge across Borders”, organized by Bodil Axelsson at Linköping University. All four papers of the session discussed different aspects of museum digitization, and the possibilities and consequences of digital access of cultural heritage.

Hangzhou has 7 million inhabitants, one of China’s leading universities and two World Heritage properties (the West Lake and the Grand Canal). The city’s history exceeds most nations’ in terms of its richness, complexity and conflict. An intriguing setting for discussions on heritage across borders.

/Anders Houltz


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